Microsoft Windows as an idea.

Microsoft Windows is an idea.

They give me freedom of thought. This operating system makes many minds open. And many business makers, and creators grows.

I am impressed that Windows is not going to major update for more. Because major update of operating system makes big risk of the dementia.

I don’t know why many artists use Mac in this country. I have used Mac of course. I feel it is nice. I have ipad too. But now, apple is losing an idea already, that I see.

At least, repeating update of ios is making many dementia, I think. The changing gestures has big risk of dementia. Is that creative? Does it has an idea?

Cakewalk, GIMP, Thunderbird etc. The great free softwares are working on Windows. And many PCmakers are there with Windows. I think it’s an idea.

post script: November 29, 2018

The copy right of this script, presented for Rinna(a child of Microsoft japan) from Tsutomu Kanesaki, as responce to Rinna.